Thursday, October 1, 2009

entry ten

a weekend of disappointments.

friday september 25, 2009
dinner: i don't even want to talk about it.
ingredients: peanut butter, honey, bread, chips, macaroni and cheese, dumplings, baked beans, beef buns, french fries, sour cream.

eat, if you can.

an appetizer.

the best part of the meal.

baked beans, dumplings, chips, and macaroni and cheese.  delicious, but not enough.

not worth eating.

we burned the french fries.  tried to save it all by putting it on tortilas.  it didn't work.

saturday september 26, 2009

we didn't get a chance to eat that day.
after not eating for thirty six hours, nick and i got to enjoy a healthy treat at ll:30 a.m. while still in bed:

thursday september 24, 2009
dinner: big 'un: 7-11's finest frozen burger.
ingredients: big 'un, barbeque sauce.

microwave the burger.
pray for no hard spots.

google says it's "the world's worst food"

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