Saturday, September 12, 2009

entry one

nick and i have become competent at eating whatever it takes to get full.  we use what's available and eat what we must.  most of the time, we are satisfied.  through others we have to suffer.  

 if you scan through the older entries of this blog, you'll see a few pictures and a rare description of some of our better meals: mayonnaise and hot sauce sandwiches, the fish dish (baked beans, potted meat, dollar store spam, and jalapeno squeeze cheese.), chips in hot sauce soup, big un's, deep fried hot dogs, salami, ham, keilbasi, with a toasted marsh mellow peanut butter, banana, and ice cream milkshake.   there have been so many meals i can't even remember.  

a few days ago we decided to keep track of what we eat.  we'll post the highlights, and document our cooking methods (sometimes).  i wish we started doing this three years ago, but we didn't.  we started this week. 

thursday september 10, 2009.
ingredients: two tomatoes, four baked potatoes, mozzarella cheese, adobo seasoning.

chop everything. 
set it on a cooking sheet.
set oven to broil.
cook until cheese is melted.

fresh out of the oven.

if you look in the background, you can see our failed watermelon only smoothies clogging the sink.

friday september 11, 2009.
dinner ingredients: nine hot dogs, half an onion, four slices of cosi bread, mozzarella cheese, karen's left-over french fries, tortilla chips, buffalo wing sauce, sour cream.

put everything into a pan.
make it hot.
put it on bread.

hotdogs and onions, cooking.

ignore the green liquid.

chips and fries in a pan.

finished product.

dessert ingredients: four bananas, three peaches, vanilla ice cream, ice, strawberry banana yogurt, vanilla extract.

put it all in a blender.

before we realized we forgot a banana, and blue food dye.